A new season calls for a new look and there is nothing that embodies a clean slate more so than white. Fashionistas are wearing shades of ivory, vanilla, cream and eggshell- this is a versatile winter 2020 trend for sure!

The Changing Room has a gorgeous array of options for you to slip seamlessly into this winter- from pants to shirts to jackets and our white handbags are the perfect accessory.

She Wears The Pants.

An elegant trouser can be dressed up by sporting a blazer, or down with an over sized knit.

Cozy Coats.

A coat will keep you warm and make a statement entrance wherever you are.

Suit Up.

Few things look cooler than a Victoria-Beckham-worthy tailored white jacket.

Business On Top.

Mix and match your look with a statement white shirt- go for an all-white ensemble or just “business on top”,

Tip to Toe.

From sneakers to boots, white shoes kept sparkling clean complete any look.

Be Wise, Accessorize.

The perfect handbag, scarf or jewellery piece will tie your whole White Winter look together.

Don’t Hide This Winter.