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Consign With Us

Clean out your closet and turn your unworn, gently-used fashion items into cash with consignment.

The Changing Room is an online and instore boutique based in Cape Town, a place for people with a love of beautiful things to find authenticated luxury, designer and vintage pre-owned fashion items for sale and consignment.

We’re committed to upcycling,  keeping green and honouring heritage brands by extending the lifecycle of luxury items.

All items are authenticated with satisfaction guaranteed. We deliver internationally to Africa and beyond.

The Changing Room offers authenticated luxury, designer and vintage pre-owned clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories for sale and consignment. Vintage is classified older than 20 years.

Want to know if you have something for The Changing Room?
  1. Check our list of accepted brands to see if you have the items we’re looking for.
  2. Make sure all your items meet our quality standards.
  3. Take pictures of each item and email them to us at – you can even use your mobile phone.
  4. We’ll get back to you about your items and arrange a viewing for authentication!

All items are carefully inspected and authenticated by The Changing Room before consignment. If you’re in the Cape Town area, we can arrange a personal viewing and pick up. If you live further away, you’ll need to have them sent to us.

Once your items are accepted, we’ll photograph them beautifully and list them on our website and in our social media. In the meantime, we take great care of your pieces in our store. Once they’re sold, we’ll notify you by email and transfer your commission at month-end.

Our Quality Standards

To make sure all our customers are completely satisfied with every purchase, we ensure that every item sold is 100% authentic and in excellent or good condition.

  • No stains or marks.
  • No alterations, holes, or tears.
  • No damaged handles, straps or zippers. All handbag parts are intact and functional.
  • Zero tolerance on odours, even from storage.
  • All items checked for authenticity, missing labels not accepted.

Authenticity is the cornerstone of The Changing Room. Our authentication process is in-house and independent.


The consignment period starts once you have approved your inventory, and continues for a period of six months with the option to extend for a further six months. If some of your items have not sold, you can have them returned at cost or choose to donate them to one of our charities.

All Consignors receive a spreadsheet detailing the price they will be paid per item and a comprehensive description of each item.